Entrance exam for 11th std Boys & Girls has been scheduled on 21st April 2024

5th to 10th std Boys & Girls Admissions are Closed.


Counselling is very useful for the development of an individual cadet. It helps the cadets to know his aim, goal, and target in his life. It helps the cadet to know himself better, it boosts his confidence i.e. “I can do! I will do!” It encourages the cadet about his goal, confidence, direction, and new vision about how to grow.

Counselling does not solve the problems but helps in solving it, and help to face challenges in the route, to face them and to become successful in his life and mission.

Counseling in DCA

  1. It helps the cadet to set goal in their life and to take efforts in order to achieve it.
  2. It gives the spirit to the cadet to solve the problems and difficulties in the way while achieving the set goal.
  3. It helps the cadet to make a systematic plan, systematic time table, to reach to the top of the goal with the help of the director or the academy, teachers, wardens, and counsellors.

Goal Setting

  1. Every cadet is interviewed by the expert counsellors and psychologists. By knowing his family background, his living status, his regionality (Rural/Urban), his passion, desire, spirit and aim in life his goal is set up by the academy.
  2. Guidance is given to the cadet time to time, and review is taken back by the experts.
  3. Some task is given to the cadet, daily routine time table is prepared and asked the cadet to follow it strictly.

In this way, the cadet marches towards the set goal and achieves it.

SWOT analysis of Cadet

What do you understand by SWOT analysis?

SWOT is considered as the most effective way where cadets can self-analyze their own improvement. It can be expanded as the analysis of SWOT, that is, Strength, Weakness, opportunities and threats. It will help you in achieving your targets successfully by making the best utilization of your resources. You can analysis yourself and loose corners on which you are required to work perfectly by making use of such tools. If you wanted to walk along your path towards the success, cadets should know about their self and circumstances.

Why do you need SWOT analysis?

It is important for the cadets to understand their need for SWOT analysis. You will require this analysis tool for:

  1. Discovering various possibilities of solving the problems with different ways.
  2. Making right and correct decisions by exploring different opportunities.
  3. Understanding the choices and directions that consider the threats involved in the work plan.
  4. Making important changes in plan that depends on the possibilities and priorities define d by the strengths and weaknesses of cadets.
  5. Keeping the room for mid-way modification in work plan if you come across better opportunities for the successful completion of your task.