Preparation for S.S.B. Interview

Its preparation is also get done by qualified Retired Military Officers, Group obstacles and Individual obstacle has been prepared by the Academy Campus premises.

Development of officers like Qualities (OLQS)

While selecting a candidate as an officer in the Armed Forces, he is judged by different angles by conducting different tests by different experts in SSB interview and finally they come on a common conclusion that whether the individual is possessing the OLQS and he would be a good officer in future, then only the candidate gets selected.

Generally it is stated that there are main 15 OLQs. The Academy makes efforts to develop these qualities by organising different activities and conducting different programmers.

Some of these are described here in short:-


Discipline is the backbone of the Armed Force Services; therefore the Cadets coming from civil Life are moulded in this pattern by giving them training, instructions, and guidance etc. Discipline is made a part of each and every activity, every day and every walk of life.

Orientation to Armed Forces

New cadets are oriented to the Armed Forces by conducting different activities. They are made familiar with the life of the Armed Forces, their work, their devotion and their sacrifice for the nation.

Interacting with Retired Or In Service officers

Visits to the Academy by Retired or In-Service officers are conducted time to time on different occasions. They motivate, guide and inspire the cadets through their lectures, their life experiences. Cadets are given opportunity to interact with them face to face, by asking different questions on different aspects.

Motivational Visits

To motivate cadets to join the Armed Forces, the Academy arranges visits to Defence Establishments like NDA, AFMC, INS Shivaji, CME, Tank museum of ACCS etc. by which cadets get inspiration about Defence Services. The cadets interact with the Defence officers JCOs, ORs, and take more information about their work daily routine, their experiences etc.

Social work with the Army

One of the Maharashtra Ecological Task Force (Territorial Army) Battalions is raised here at Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar. This Battalion undertakes tree plantation on the hills and on open grounds in surrounding areas every year in the months of July, August, September for protection of the environment. Our cadets help them in their mission of tree plantation.

Motivational Lectures, Videos, Films

These are arranged for the cadets time to time to get motivation and inspiration about the Armed Forces for joining them.

Leadership Qualities

Leadership quality is one of the most important qualities, which is required for every cadet to get selected in the Armed Forces. It is developed among the cadets by giving them various appointments and rank badges putting on their shoulders. Some tasks, responsibilities and works are assigned to them to get them done either by themselves or with the help of other cadets. The appointments include Academic Cadet Captain (ACC), Mess Cadet Captain (Mess CC), Sports Cadet Captain (Sports CC), Cultural Cadet Captain (Cultural CC), etc.

Communication Skills

Good communication skill is one of the qualities that is observed in the cadet to get selected in the Defence Services. The quality is be developed among the cadets by giving them continuous practice of communication every day. The following activates are conducted to develop this skill among the students:

  1. Mutual Communication- It is made compulsory that cadets should be conversant with one another and with the teachers in English only.
  2. English Newspaper Reading- Various newspapers are provided to the cadets in their hostel rooms and daily feedback is taken about their reading of the newspapers.
  3. Assembly- Cadets’ Assembly is conducted every day, in which different activates are conducted to develop their communication skill like Lecturette, Group Discussion, Debate, Quiz, General know edge, Current Affairs, etc.