Visiting Rules

(A) Parents can visit their ward/s only on 4th Sunday of the month, however, when the school opens or reopens after the break/vacation. No visit is permitted on the First Sunday in that month also when the examinations are in progress.

(B) Under no circumstance the parents will meet their ward directly. Only after obtaining permission from Authorities / Principal / Warden, students will be permitted to meet parents in the main academic block or outdoor. Parent/Guardian are NOT permitted to enter the student’s dormitories of hostel.

(C) Frequent visits / outings are strictly prohibited since it affects with the daily routine and academic performance of the students.

(D) Parents / Local Guardians may visit their wards in the Visitor’s room. Parents are not allowed to meet their ward anywhere else.

(E) Security Guard on duty at the Main Gate may prohibit cadet / student from leaving the Campus without prior permission of authority. He will keep record in a register of visitors entering the Academy / College / School premises to meet hostel Cadet.