Entrance exam for 11th std Boys & Girls has been scheduled on 21st April 2024

5th to 10th std Boys & Girls Admissions are Closed.

Hostel Rules

To engender and enhance discipline among our students we request you to adhere to the following rules:

(A) Warden has right to scrutinize all the correspondence / parcels sent or received by the student.

(B) Tucks / outside eatables / pickles / health drinks / Chocobars / chewing-gums / junk food are completely banned in the school. School strictly does not allow carrying or postage couriers of any of these items. Similarly school also does not allow buying of these items during outings for its later use in the hostel.

(C) Boys must have short and middle length hairs, fancy or dyed hairs are NOT allowed. Students are NOT allowed to wear beards and moustaches. Use of any kind of facial creams / hair gels / hair creams / perfume is prohibited.

(D) Students will be allowed to wear Non patterned cloths only during Diwali celebration and their birthday. Beyond that the students has to be strictly in prescribed uniform (School uniforms / games uniform / kurtapyjama) at all times.

(E) Parties involving huge expenses to celebrate birthdays are not allowed. Only toffees can be distributed with the permission of the concern authorities of the Academy / College and School.

(F) If any Cadet willingly, intentionally damages school property or other’s property or commit theft. The same will be considered as a break of School / Hostel rules and the student will be fined / expelled by Academy / College / School Authorities.