Pre-joining Preparation

(A) It is necessary for the parent those who intends to seek admission of their Child/Ward in Defence Career Academy (hereinafter called as Academy) to be prepared mentally to accept that their child will live independently away from them. Cadet will also learn to live & interact with other same-age group children independently which is essential for his future as well as career in the modern era.

(B) Guide your child / ward to develop their habits of independent sleeping, feeding and toileting etc. Built up their self-confidence to live independently so that they can feel comfortable after seeking admission to the Academy.

(C) The Defence Career Academy (Residential) is educationally planned for independent living experience of child/ward. It is not a place where you pay and buy services. But, in true sense it is your Child’s / Ward’s Second home where he spends near about 10 months in a year to build up his academic, physical and all round career which requires for preparation of Competitive Defence / Civil Services Examination as an essential ingredient for effective stay in the Academy.