Mr. Kedar S. Rahane

Kedar Rahane Director of Defence Career Academy Aurangabad

Dear Students,

I welcome you to DCA on behalf of the whole DCA family. I congratulate you on embarking this journey of your aspired vocation. DCA is grateful to you as you chose it to make it your alma mater. We are deeply fortunate to have a chance of fostering your raw intellect.

We are together in this journey seeking educational empowerment and striving to become the best version of our own every day.

I have this opportunity to share a perspective with you which has helped me garner strength when I started off as an ambitious teenager and it has stayed with me since then, not much has changed in that outlook but the results which I did yield were out of proportion!

Here we go, the funda is to check yourself retrospectively, many times we introspect and we fail to notice that incremental growth. When you put things in a retrospective effect you start noticing your incremental growth, however irrelevant or insignificant it seems to you but remember it is a unit of betterment. Hence, it cannot be neglected. This will help you to stay positive during tough times of your preparation and you will sail through the rough patches conquering your conscience.

We are here for you, you can count on us as you put your faith on us and consider our inputs. Values you internalize here will identify you as a human being with civility and you will do justice to the term Officer.

DCA delimits itself from academics but also engender values and norms of equity in you; future of India. Hence, we strive to put our best efforts in present to shape tomorrow. This is your first step towards molding your future, I wish you all the best. DCA is with you in this.

Come hell or high waters, we will win.