DCA has a very clear objective. DCA has set a goal of producing 1000 officers and 1 Lakh PBOR’s by 2030

  1. Students are taught and tackled by all means to become an Officer, Doctor, Engineer in the Defence Services & equivalent rank in Merchant Navy and Civil Aviation.
  2. Group Discussions / Debates helps students to acquire the requesting qualities of leadership which needs for throughout preparation. It also demands physical stamina, mental alertness, and resilience of spirit. The Intellect sagacity, broad outlook and physical courage are few qualities inculcated among the cadets. The realization of one's self and his own potential is the ultimate goal of our academy. The under mentioned salient feature of personality development are brought up among cadets that will enable them to shine in all walks of life in their future Defence Career.
    • Organizing Ability
    • Presence of Mind
    • Effective Intelligence
    • Reasoning Ability
    • Power of Expression
    • Social Adaptability
    • Sense of Responsibility
    • Co-operation
    • Self Confidence
    • Speed of Decision
    • Influencing Ability
    • Liveliness
    • Determination
    • Courage
    • Stamina
  3. The impact of systematic study including theoritical / practical / special coaching, training and extracurricular activities helps the students to widen their outlook and intellectual power. Beside above qualities, maximum stress is given on preparation / practice of competitive exams is given to the cadets for meeting any such challenges more efficiently. Our goal will continue to progress forward with strong detemination for achieving the goal of successes and will leave no stone unturned any moment of crucial times.