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Defence Career Opportunity For Girls....

27 July 2022

Be Somebody Nobody Thought You Could Be

We cannot ignore the changes taking place in the social conditions due to working in the field of education. The number of girls taking higher education has increased in the last few years. If we observe the time properly, it makes sense to conclude that girls are performing better in every field. They are proving themselves in every field, but in her education, career, and development, if she finds us with her - as a parent or as a teacher - she will go even further and attain heights and make us Proud. All we have to do is encourage them when choosing a career after their tenth or twelfth, not to be an obstacle. That is why it is wrong to impose our decision on girls. Help them with their interests. Every child is equal and has complete freedom to choose their career. In fact, parents are also expected to play a guiding role in the case of girls. Today, looking at the vigorous and robust growth of girls in all careers, there are chances of girls competing with boys in the rest of the rare fields.  But, Apart from urban areas, change is still needed in rural areas. This discrimination between a boy and a girl about a career should be completely expunged. The scope of the education sector is increasing with time and we are getting various career opportunities. In some areas, there were limitations for girls in terms of careers, but now that too is over. For some change, let us give you good news, Good News for parents and Girls As well, who want to make a brilliant career for their daughters in the Indian Army.

According to a recent judgment recently passed by the Supreme Court, girls will now be able to appear for the National Defence Academy (NDA) exams. This historic decision has cleared the way for girls to join the NDA. This is a golden opportunity for girls to make a challenging career in the Indian Army. Which has opened the doors of an exciting field for them.

Let us know, the career opportunities for girls in the Indian Army ...

5th to 10th CBSE Military Education including NTSE / MTSE / SSE, KVPY and NDA, AFMC FOUNDATION, and all other types of competitive examinations.

Nothing Great Is Given... It Is Earned...

There are many institutions in Maharashtra for the preparation of all these examinations. One of the Leading among these institutions, the first DefenceCareer Academy (DCA) in Aurangabad, Maharashtra is known as the best institution that helps kids achieve their dreams properly by training them. By opting for DCA for training and academics, many students are serving in various fields along with officers and other posts in the Indian Army.
The Defence Career Academy (DCA) has arranged separate training for girls only with a separate campus for girls so that girls too can achieve success in the field of defence. DCA is getting a very good response from all over Maharashtra including Marathwada.

DCA Can Make It Happen...

Now it's the parents' turn. 
Giving girls a challenging career opportunity is now in their hands. 

"You Can, You Should...
And If You Start, You Will......"

The motto behind writing this blog is that girls should also be aware of the career opportunities in the field of the Indian Army so that they too can proudly participate in the service of the country.

One Choice, One Life...